Georgetown Royals Football '08

Sat, Oct 11, 2008 01:00 PM @ Georgetown
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Amesbury 6 0 8 0 14
Georgetown 0 0 7 8 15

Georgetown, Amesbury

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GEORGETOWN — With apologies to Sarah Palin, the Amesbury football team was probably muttering "Say it ain't so, Joe" Saturday afternoon after a heartbreaking 15-14 Cape Ann League loss to Georgetown in a terrific battle of unbeatens before nearly 1,000 fans on a beautiful afternoon.
Georgetown standout Joe Esposito once again put on a highlight show, rushing for 107 yards, throwing for two touchdowns, kicking an extra point and, with 5:09 to play, running for the decisive two points after the Royals (4-0) had rallied from a 14-0 third-quarter deficit.
Trailing 14-13 after completing a 21-yard scoring strike to Tyran Harrigan, the Royals didn't hesitate to go for two. "We're an aggressive team and we thought we would make it," said Esposito, who knifed through the right side of the line for the extra points.
"I think this shows the kind of team we are, to fight back from 14-0. Right now, this is the biggest game of my life, to beat Amesbury here."
Amesbury coach Thom Connors was impressed not only with Esposito, but with the Royals' overall effort.
"He (Esposito) is everything we thought he'd be and more," said Connors. "But it wasn't just him — they were the better team today. We were up 14 points and we waffled to their pressure."
Indeed, while Georgetown coach Matt Bouchard cited Esposito's superb play, he added: "The big thing today was that there were other people who performed. When you have a team keying on one guy so much, you need other guys to come through and they did."
The Georgetown defense particularly delivered, perhaps no more so than at the end of the first half. With Amesbury already leading 6-0 — courtesy of a 28-yard quarterback sneak by Jared Flannigan in the first quarter — the Indiana put together an impressive 92-yard drive and had a first and goal on the 5-yard line in the closing seconds of the second quarter.
Three running plays brought the ball down to the 1-yard line where, on fourth down with seven seconds left, the Royals held Kevin Johnston out of the end zone.
"That was the biggest play of the game," said Bouchard.
Agreed Connors: "We were ahead 6-0, but that gave them the momentum."
Amesbury seemed to get it right back, however, when Georgetown fumbled the second half kickoff and the Indians got the ball on the Georgetown 32. Six plays later, Flannigan (10 carries, 62 yards) scored his second TD, this time on a 12-yard rollout. A pass to Stephen Serwon for two points made it 14-0.
But the rest of the second half belonged to Georgetown. Jaymie Spears returned the ensuing kickoff to the 42 and Esposito needed only seven plays to reach the end zone, the TD coming on a 28-yard strike to Michael Ruh. Esposito's kick made it 14-7 with 2:53 left to play in the third quarter.
Three plays later. thanks partly to an 11-yard sack by Joe Esposito, the Royals had the ball again, on their 28 after a nice 52-yard quick kick by Flannigan. Georgetown then clicked off four first downs with Dave Kenneally (2 carries, 14 yards and Spears (2 carries, 14 yards) help carry the load before the TD strike to Harrigan.
Amesbury (4-1) got the ball two more times but managed only nine yards in seven plays, the final being an interception by Anthony Conte in the last minute of play.
After trailing 14-0, Georgetown ran 28 plays to just 12 for Amesbury and outgained the Indians 163-1 in total yards. In addition to contributions from several backs in addition to Esposito, linemen Eric Gesualdi and Nathan Brudnick stood out on the line.
"This win speaks volumes about the character of these kids," said Bouchard. "It's just a huge, huge win for us."

Game Statistics:

First Quarter

A  — Jared Flannigan 28 run (kick failed), 6:10

Third Quarter


A — Flannigan 12 run (Steve Serwon pass from Flannigan), 6:57

G — Michael Ruh 28 pass from Joe Esposito (Esposito kick), 2:53

Fourth Quarter

G — Tyran Harrigan 21 pass from Esposito (Espoito run), 5:09



RUSHING: A (35-171) — Kevin Johnston 11-26, Jesse Burrell 12-57, Jared Flannigan 10-62, Ryan Dragon 2-26; G (35- 164) — Chris Esposito 1-2, Jaymie Spears 2-14, Joe Esposito 22-107, Dave Kenneally 5-23, Anthony Conte 5-18

PASSING: A — Flannigan 2-7-1, 27; G — Esposito 6-10-0 82

RECEIVING: A — Burrell 1-12, Stephen Serwon 1-15; G — Tyran Harrigan 4-39, Michael Ruh 2-43

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0         ibleedblue34

Get over yourselves; I was embarrassed for the Royals yesterday. A second rate team that got lucky. Esposito wasn't even in the end zone for the 2-pt conversion. It is QUITE clear on film. No I have no kids playing this year, and I do love my town, but really....have you seen your own films? Get real. Now CAL Small has zero chance in superbowl season. Amesbury 's team performed horribly & a terrible team won. Amesbury was outcoached, and less talented players won by a point. Take away the false 2 pt and you've got reality. The refs were so horrible, that I saw two older gentleman.....from our own Royals crowd, walk away with one of them saying "I've seen enough of this officiating bullsh*t". And they left during the third quarter. On third and fourth downs....Amesbury broke the plane for 6, and the refs again placed the ball outside the end zone. I was 10 feet away from that one. It was bad man. Very sad, indeed.

Report! #1 10/12/2008 08:17 AM

0         royalsfootball

Both teams performed great. It was an equal showdown and Coach Bouchard's decision to go for two was the difference. Amesbury hadn't faced a defense like the Royals before and they weren't use to the adversity. And no one here believes your stories so go back to shamesbury and stop pretending to be a georgetownfan.

Report! #2 10/12/2008 09:46 AM

0         GtownAllTheWay

Yesterday's game was as good as it was anticipated to be. You HAVE to give both teams credit; it was a great game, period. Amesbury is a talented team. So is Georgetown. You can't take anything away from either from either; they played their hearts out. ALL fans would agree, I know. We were all sitting near each other. Ibleedblue, to try to cheapen yesterday's performance with your classless remarks is an insult to the boys. And, you are from Georgetown, really?! Nice attempt at acting but its not a believeable performance

Report! #3 10/12/2008 10:13 AM

1         footballfan57

Wow!!! What a game. It was a beautiful fall day, crisp and clear with "royal" blue skies, the crowd was awesome, the Royals marching band was fabulous and the cheerleaders were inspiring. To top it all off, both teams played their hearts out! Our family is so proud of the players on both teams. What a powerful and gutsy showing by each and every player on that field!!! Cape Ann Small has a lot to be proud of. See you next week against Murdock. Posted by one proud ROYALS family. Go Team!!!

Report! #4 10/12/2008 10:37 AM

0         lindacooper100

I have to say that all of you are right in some ways. The sportsmanship was good; unlike LAWRENCE last week. What horrible boys they made themselves out to be. Never seen anything like it. But anyway, yesterday, all seemed to play hard; all of them. But, there was a gentleman next to me, video taping the game, and he was speaking to a Boston Globe reporter after the game. He handed him a dvd that he had. He does have the G'town QB 2 pt conversion on video, and he showed my hubby adn me, too. Nowhere near inside the end zone. Refs are NOT perfect; just as the kids and coaches or not. I do wonder, though, why the Amesbury coach kept calling the plays he did, while G'town had eleven men at the line. Amesbury throws succesfully in every other game.

Report! #5 10/12/2008 12:43 PM

0         basketballFan

I agree withfootballfan57. What a great day. Both teams showed their strengths (Amesbury was tough to stop in the first half, and Georgetown stopped them in the 2nd half). It looked like an Amesbury runaway at the start, but Georgetown played tough - especially after the 2nd half kick off fumble. Georgetown proved to be the better team yesterday, but both teams played great. You gotta love the CAL small atmosphere yesterday. Most people thought Amesbury would win going away, but Gtown held them to only 14 pts. What a fun day!

Report! #6 10/12/2008 12:45 PM

0         basketballFan

Can you please stop making comments about how you think the 2 pt conversion was not good? There are usually several calls during a game that are questionable. That conversion may have been close, but what about the "holding" penatly in the first half that took away a Georgetown touchdown? That's 7 pts for Georgetown that got taken away on a "holdng" penalty on the other side of the field that had nothing to do with the touchdown! So PLEASE stop whining about the refs and just admit it was a good game and Georgetown won....period. Do you really think Amesbury played well in the 2nd half? PLEASE. They were dominated and even punted on 3rd down at one point because they were so ineffective. Just be HONEST!!! Stop WHINING!!!!!!! It wa a good game.

Report! #7 10/12/2008 12:55 PM

-1         lindacooper100

hi basketball fan, well, I know it is tough to hear; but, even a Georgetown fan agreed, and he was at the end zone standing next to my husband. He said "wow you guys just got screwed". We all can have our opinion; no need to try and tell people what they can and cannot say. That is not what boards like these are about. I think that the passion is great! Two Amesbury Indians have already been recruited into college, and a third is in the process. I do not think that the kids care as much about what WE are saying, as WE do! I saw upset PARENTS yesterday; but I didn't see any upset players. Everyone needs to calm down; although we all have a right to our opinions.

Report! #8 10/12/2008 01:15 PM

-1         ibleedblue34

whether or not the 2 pointer was valid or not (and the refs say it was) makes no difference. Georgetown was horrendous; I expected much, much more. This was their TOUGHEST game; it was certainly NOT Amesbury's. Amesbury is still ranked 38th by CBS Sports, and G'town is 79th; this, based on stats & difficulty of schedule. And I agree with Linda Cooper, above, parents take it more seriously than the kids. When my kids played, it was because they loved something that they excelled at. I think some meaning has been lost here.

Report! #9 10/12/2008 01:54 PM

0         basketballFan

To ibleedblue34, hahahahahaha hahaha hahahaha. You are so funny! Who cares what CBS ranks teams?!! Head to head, hmmm Georgetown won! Ha! If this was not Amesbury' toughest game (which they lost to Georgetown) then what does that say about your team? Stop talking about when "your kids played". You are a fraud. Hey LindaCooper, I have no beef with you. But let's all admit (if we are indeed all adults here) that Georgetown won the game - and I was there...it looked fair and square to me. If Amesbury was SO good, the 2 pt conversion shouldn't have even mattered because they would have won this game by 30 points. Again I say please just be honest and admit that Georgetown is pretty good because they did win the game. They didn't win because the refs were terrible.

Report! #10 10/12/2008 04:29 PM

-1         lindacooper100

I think that although the Georgetown fans THINK that Amesbury played well (above posts); they have no idea. They did not see them slaughter giant power teams Lawrence, North Andover and super bowl team East Boston. If they had, they'd realize just how lucky the Royals were yesterday. They should be on their knees thanking God, right now; for, they may have just squeaked into the playoffs. The Indians had their worst game ever on Saturday. Georgetown was the least apt team that they have played this season; so, they SHOULD be upset.

Report! #11 10/12/2008 06:20 PM

0         FourToSixSeconds

when it comes down to it g-town beat amesbury so all ya'll can stop crying and get over it. amesbury fans start watchin field or somethin. and by the way lindacooper it doesnt matter if east boston was a super bowl team because greater lawrence beat ya'll last year and they suck this year. i'll give you north andover but dont be braggin about that your nasty and we suck when we just beat you

Report! #12 10/12/2008 06:37 PM

0         ductape2

Amesbury IS nasty, and they played AWFUL on Sat. Georgetown would have about a one in fifty chance of scoring against North Andover, East Boston or Lawrence. Their coach did f'd up stuff on Saturday. #26 is THE best fullback in our area & he's being scouted ; I think the adults are more into this than the kids because thye're the ones racking up the yards and reporters want to talk to #26 all the time; he doesn't answer his phone any more. Georgetown defense was ok but they're coach was more aggressive than Amesbury. Conners put too much on two backs and was unoriginal to say the least. Bad play calling. But a coach is part of the team so I guess you could say Georgetown was a better team Saturday, but Amesbury athletes are far superior. Check the season stats baby. Amesbury has five on leaderboards; Georgetown ONE.

Report! #13 10/12/2008 07:47 PM

0         gtownfootball12345678910

last time i checked it takes 11 to win a football team and not one or two. cause id bet my life that amesbury's running backs would have zero rushing yeards if they didnt have an offensive line. so just because the big guys up front arent listed in the paper or on maxpreps..it doesnt mean they're any less talented than the kid running for touchdowns.

Report! #14 10/12/2008 08:20 PM

-1         pappi626

Wow Georgetown Rules, You are just about as classy as some of the others here. You are obviously envious because of the attention and print that the Indian players have received from colleges and national websites. Somehow this has extremely upset you (LOL); and no, not all teams take a knee. Some do, and some do not. It is not the players who decide that; just as your coach forces his players to do certain things.......the Indians' coach does also. This is strictly a team policy....but if you were ever a player, you'd know that already; I do not think that you ever were. YOUR comment will be removed.....and OURS will stay here, for a long time. You ARE a very angry bloke, eh? LOL You have a weak program, with one player who graduates soon. You will also be destroyed by Blue Hills or the like and never show again. Jesse Burrell and Kevin Johnston, and Jared Flannigan, Steve Serwon and Steve Levarity, Kyle Mroz and Matt Kilmartin will continued to shine for many years to come, and again, your mark in time will be deleted on this website. Now, say sorry, or say goodbye to your nasty and jealous post............. anyway, yes, the line is spectacular, and it has allowed great success for Jesse Burell and Kevin Johnston; but understand that the two of them have been noticed for their unbelievable natural ability, as well. They do stand alone in this area. I think that the team is a good one, and we were all surprised when the Giants beat the Patriots, weren't we?

Report! #15 10/12/2008 08:39 PM

0         pappi626

Also, ibleedblue34 IS from Georgetown; his kids played there....the parents now live in Amesbury, and he has always said he was a Royals fan & was excited to hear that you guys were in our league now.

Report! #16 10/12/2008 08:42 PM

0         pappi626

from another post "That Amesbury running back ran all over us (Triton here) as well as the N Andover & Lawrence teams. He is probab]y the BEST big back in the region. He is a junior so we're stuck facing him for one more year. And on defense he took TWO of your guys out of the game; one CRAWLED off of the field in agony. You were lucky that your coach outsmarted the Amesbury coach; I still don't know why he ran these guys up the middle with eleven on the line; Amesbury passed really well against all of the other teams. The coach definitely lost this one." Touche

Report! #17 10/12/2008 08:45 PM

0         ibleedblue34

Now THERE"S THE GEORGETOWN I REMEMBER. "Georgetown rules" is the epitome of the perfect reason to relocate. I hope the post stays there long enough for all to see.

Report! #18 10/12/2008 08:54 PM

0         FourToSixSeconds

Georgetown won and you didnt enough said

Report! #19 10/12/2008 09:02 PM

0         FourToSixSeconds

Stop crying

Report! #20 10/12/2008 09:02 PM

0         Player201001913

Uhm, I actually PLAYED in this game, and none of you HAVE. It does not matter who the BETTER team is when you are talking about in league....playoffs......; it matters who wins games.....who won on Saturday. Look at the Giants & patriots....perfect example. "ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY", etc., etc., etc. I personally would rank Georgetown's defense almost at that of Lawrence's. The offense was not quite as good as I had expected. But, my team DOES have respect for EVERY team that we beat and that beats us. So don't go on here speaking for us please. Our team is still ranked above Georgetown only because our schedule is a lot more difficult and we score a lot more points on average; but that does not take away the fact that we fell short on Saturday. And...Georgetown Rules....you need help Guy.

Report! #21 10/12/2008 09:24 PM

0         basketballFan

There were posts just like this last winter when Georgetown beat (whooped) Amesbury in basketball. Blah blah blah about how great a few individual Amesbury players were, and they lost by 20 pts to Georgetown. Folks, the goal is to win games, not brag about individual players. Your running backs are highly touted, and yet your big bad team scored 14 points yesterday. You can say Georgetown is a terrible team, but it they are, then Amesbury is worse. It's always about head to head, and yesterday, your Indians lost. Get over it and please stop whining.

Report! #22 10/12/2008 09:26 PM

0         Player201001913

that goes for you too basketball fan.................

Report! #23 10/12/2008 09:29 PM

0         Player201001913

if you didn't play on Saturday, shut the hell up...........

Report! #24 10/12/2008 09:29 PM

0         basketballFan

OK the truth always hurts. From the Daily News: "After trailing 14-0, Georgetown ran 28 plays to just 12 for Amesbury and outgained the Indians 163-1 in total yards." One yard? You apologists say Georgetown was terrible, yet I don't get your point? One yard? p.s. I wonder if mighty amesbury would have won last year against Newburyport if Clancy had played.....

Report! #25 10/12/2008 09:32 PM

0         Player201001913

again, you are not a football player, and you were not on the field with us on Saturday; you have not attended our games where we played legit teams, and you have no idea what our coach allowed or disallowed us to do on Saturday. Georgetown 2008 will never catch up to the Indians because they will never play the level of teams that we have. They cannot help that; they have no control over the schedule. Next year could be different; that's up to the league. Some kids play to go to a so-called 3A superbowl (you guys seem to support that), and others play because they excel at it and LOVE it. I am playing in college soon because of a lot of hard work and dedication; the school that recruited me could care less about a DIVISION 3A super bowl. Regardless, I love my team and teammates; we have been together for a long time & do the best that I can for my team....recruits don't take guys that are not team players...., and I LOVE every second that I am on that field, winning or losing. I felt that way at age 8, and I feel that way at 17, still. And trust me, I have endured losing plenty of games since the age of 8. Only the twenty two or so guys on that field on Saturday matter. You people need to stop pretending you know what you are talking about.

Report! #26 10/12/2008 09:42 PM

0         ShowMeTheMoney

My son played yesterday. Amesbury has a good football team. It was a good game, and both teams made mistakes, and made good plays. Bottom line is that it was a very competitive close game and Georgetown deserved the win. These posts are funny because no one from Amesbury seems to want to give Georgetown credit for winning - rather they want to make excuses about the refs and brag about how they are rated higher. It would be refreshing if someone from Amesbury would just say "hey, that Georgetown team really played well and they took it to our team in the second half." When Manchester beat Gtown last year I was the first to admit they deserved that win because they outplayed our team. I didn't complain about the refs or drone on about how great our team was or how lucky Manchester was. I wish people would just accept the reality of what we all witnessed yesterday. Will any of you from Amesbury please just come clean and we can move on?

Report! #27 10/12/2008 09:51 PM

0         Player201001913

If your son needs to hear that...or if YOU need to hear that, then your son is playing for all of the wrong reasons. You are referring to post from people who are not football players. Is this for YOU or for your son? Interesting. Again, you do not play football, you are not part of a team, and if

Report! #28 10/12/2008 09:55 PM

0         Player201001913

you were, you would not be saying what you are saying.

Report! #29 10/12/2008 09:56 PM

-1         ibleedblue34

Show me the $$, I am surprised, as a MOM, that you haven't complained about the Georgetown Rule post and the filthy G'townie language; as you have about a football team not telling you what you and your son need to hear.

Report! #30 10/12/2008 09:59 PM

-1         ibleedblue34

Flukes happen, and this was a biggie. Amesbury will have to live with it; but I'll tell you, something tells me that KIDS aren't even thinking about this tonight.....probably doing homework, filling out college applications or w/girlfriends; but YOU PARENTS sure are. SAD.

Report! #31 10/12/2008 10:02 PM

0         basketballFan

Hey Player201001913, FYI I did play HS football and I also played OL at Michigan so don't challenge my credentials. I don't remember any of your Amesbury teammates getting Big Ten scholarships so just stop it. I saw the game Saturday and you can say whatever you want. Your team got beat - period. Be a man and admit you got your butts kicked yesterday.

Report! #32 10/12/2008 10:04 PM

0         jmn64

As a player for Georgetown who graduated last year I am a little disgusted with some of the posts being made from both sides. I was not at the game so I can not comment on any specific plays or sportsmanship issues but parents and fans simply need to stay out of these matters. The bickering between sides only reflects poorly on two otherwise very respectable programs. My advice to the players is not to read the comments on these stories because it is only going to distract you from what is really important. Also Amesbury is not automatically out of the playoffs and Georgetown is by no means automatically in. Both teams need to put this game behind them after their film sessions and start looking at next week.

Report! #33 10/12/2008 10:07 PM

0         Player201001913

Iowa State recruited me; so, you will see it for he first time I guess; thankx for the back up jmn64; you get it

Report! #34 10/12/2008 10:18 PM

-1         ibleedblue34

looks like the kids are more sensible than you parents

Report! #35 10/12/2008 10:23 PM

0         gtownfootball12345678910

was number 88 the kid being recruited cause he was big and looked like he was 25.

Report! #36 10/12/2008 10:28 PM

-1         basketballFan

Player201001913, Cool. My nephew goes to Iowa State. Are you playing there now? I don't remember reading about any Amesbury football players getting recruited by Iowa State.

Report! #37 10/12/2008 10:29 PM

0         basketballFan

Oh wait, you said you played in the game yesterday. And you said "Iowa State recruited me". So you are currently being recruited by Iowa State? I doubt this. This would have been a big story in the Daily News.

Report! #38 10/12/2008 10:36 PM

0         Player201001913

I attended two combines; 2006 and 2007; also attended camp at ISU where Coach Chizik and a former UMass coach (now at ISU) noticed me. I always tell guys to go to the combines; even if just for fun. There is usually one in Boston every year; Western CT state also has one every July. They filmed me and I am going through the process; they had to wait until my junior year was over. I have not committed yet. I have a feeling that I have a better chance of getting more playing time if I take a D2 rather than 1A; and UMass Amherst is not my preference; it's too large for my preference. We'll see. I don't really care'as long as I get to keep playing.

Report! #39 10/12/2008 10:50 PM

0         Player201001913

Oh, and good GPA is a must as well; I am a high 3. Honors math.

Report! #40 10/12/2008 10:51 PM

0         Player201001913

additionally, the former UMass coach; now at ISU played hs for Haverhill. I thought at was cool.

Report! #41 10/12/2008 10:52 PM

0         Georgetown Rules

all i know is that if i hadnt graduated..i would have destroyed all of you guys.ur lucky ive been gone for a few years cuz u woula lost by a whole lot more

Report! #42 10/12/2008 11:00 PM

0         Gtown Royals

ok..I WAS in the game and both teams played hard but obviously someone had to win and it was us. everyone thinks that their team got screwed...thats the nature of the game..Amesbury u guys gave us our toughest game yet so congrats but dont try to take something from us..Georgetown Rules said some bad stuff..but so did u amesbury fans..everyone just shut up and worry about your upcomming games

Report! #43 10/13/2008 12:06 AM

0         royalsfootball

Everyone needs to stop talking about how their team has players being recruited to play college ball. None of this matters on the field, and as a player who played in the game I have to say there were players on both teams who could play college football, but none at a division one level. Everyone needs to stop bickering, especially the parents who are trying to live through their kids. I know players from both teams would congradulate eachother on an amazing game and hold no grudges. That game showed what football should be, and this bickering is ruining it.

Report! #44 10/13/2008 01:05 AM

0         maryk222

wow I wake up, read my online newspapers and whoa nellie! First of all, I think there are some imposters here. Some of you CERTAINLY are NOT parents; although you claim you are, and someone is posing to be an Amesbury player, whom I know would not be posting on this site. Jared, Jesse, Kevin and Steve....as well as the rest of this Indians team, actually,..are the humblest of players. They looked the G'town players in the eye during the handshake and meant it when they said "good game". You know, unless you are a football player, you have no idea what it takes to go out there and do what they do. wow How about this; the two best teams in the league played on Saturday, and Georgetown won over Amesbury. Does that satisfy you SHOW ME THE MONEY? Now go & wake up your second stringer and tell him that an Amesbury fan said the words that he has longed to hear since Saturday afternoon. Now he won't need his warm milk before beddie bye. A REAL football player doesn't need to hear it; a real football player already knows it. Although there is recruiting going on for some Indians, I don't think it is really anyone's business until each chooses a school, and they decide to announce it to the papers. Leave the kids alone.

Report! #45 10/13/2008 05:59 AM

0         FourToSixSeconds

when it comes down to it Player201001913 you might have all the nasty individuals but we won and you didnt. ya'll played a good game we just beat you and some people cant get over it. by the way i played in the game so dont say i didnt

Report! #46 10/13/2008 11:54 AM

0         kjsmm

High five to both teams, two very talented bunch of young man! On the other hand, the officiating wasn't top notch even for high school. A family member who has ben in broadcast for over two decades and has directed his share of televised sport events, came to watch the game. He and his wife who is an avid fotball fan, followed the plays up and down the field and were shaking their heads on some of the calls Amesbury got. At one of the "failed offensive drives" when the chain gang was called, the wife threw her hands up saying, the official moved the ball back quite a bit , which in turn forced a turnover. Well, game over, life goes on, I hope the officials get a refresher course and we still love our Indians!!!!!!!!!!

Report! #47 10/13/2008 12:07 PM

0         IndianFan26

This thread was just brought to my attention, and as the mom of five Indians (past & present) I would like to say that NO POSTER on here, claiming to be from Amesbury, is recognizeable to me. I think that they are frauds, or, kids from other areas fooling around. Very bizarre. These are not people that I know, or anyone else on our team(s). It was a very tough game for both teams, and I think that these teams will both go undefeated for the remainder of the season. Parents from boths sides cannot possibly be any prouder!

Report! #48 10/13/2008 12:34 PM

0         bruinsgirl1

Indians still rule. Keep your heads held high. YOU ARE STILL #1

Report! #49 10/13/2008 11:02 PM

0         lindacooper100

dear royals football, for a kid, you do make a good point; but, read your newspapers, there is already a played playing D1 from the Indians' class of 2007; a current senior football player was just recruited to D2, one to D3; and a junior is in the recruiting process; D2 and 1A prospect. Colleges do not care about wins and losses; they care about natural talent and character....and grades.

Report! #50 10/14/2008 05:49 AM

0         lindacooper100

oops....sorry Jamie! I almost forgot another 2007 Indian currently playing D2 football; been starting since freshman.

Report! #51 10/14/2008 05:57 AM

0         Pat Orlando

u guys both SUCK... mai manchesters would own you all... i mean.. we were like... d4 champz... nothing beats that.... i also throws manyz touchdownsz nd i can runz better than joseph esp0sit0... he is mai half bro i swearz it... i c4n paSS... he runS... but i own

Report! #52 10/14/2008 08:08 PM

0         gtownroyalssb

Wow someone needs to grow up and stop making Pat Orlando seem like a jerk. I dont know him personally but i am sure that he is mature enought to not make comments like that and especially on this article that has nothing to do with his team.

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