North Andover

Wed, Dec 19, 2007 08:00 PM @ North Andover
Team 1 2 3 Final
Pentucket 0 0 1 1
North Andover 0 1 4 5

North Andover downs Pentucket

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Ryan Sifferlen netted two goals to go along with two assists as North Andover trounced Pentucket 5-1. The Sachems' goal came from Adam Roberts.

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0         HockeyFan22

Even though sifferlan had a great game with two goals i felt junior chris webber was the key to the knights victory. He played outstanding defense and was making plays all over the ice. He even showed everyone that he can shoot as well with a goal in the winning effort. Amor had a great game as well chipping in a goal for the win. These young knights are looking very promising.

Report! #1 12/20/2007 08:34 AM

0         NA30yrsofSportsandCounting

Heres the deal..that kid Webber still has a lot of work to do i dont know how you can credit him with anything yet...Sifferlan is the man for NA right now..im a little disappointed that he never bulked up since his freshman year though... but i dont care if he weighs 120 pounds if you can play you can play

Report! #2 12/21/2007 06:07 PM

0         hockeyguy29

Heres the deal....that kid Webber added two more assists in the win over lynnfield, was out there everytime smith was and stopped him completley...clearly sifferlen is the man of the team but please dont tell me webber hasn't been a big part of this team and for the record sifferlens weight is 160 not 120

Report! #3 12/23/2007 08:15 PM

0         NA30yrsofSportsandCounting

Its just that this hot lips webber (who is single handedly bringing down na girls bball) is bound to be beat if he doesn't increase his skills immensely... sure he has done fine but its against mediocrity, in the coming games he's going to have to up the ante, buckle his chin strap, and wear a cup because he is gonna be a little fish in a big pond

Report! #4 12/25/2007 08:25 PM

-1         MassHockey1

Chris Webber is just as valuable as Ryan Sifferlen, Chris has been shutting down opposing teams defense along with goalie Ryan Whyte who has been solid between the pipes.

Report! #5 12/26/2007 11:14 PM

-1         HockeyFan22

Not crediting webber with the recent success of the young knight is plainly naive. He has done everything his team has asked him to do and is playing a huge role for these knights. Clearly he is playing at a level that no one would predict him to be playing at this point of the season. The knights have not played many big name teams this is true but untill he plays these teams you cannot say he will not preform. It doesnt matter how many goals sifferlan can score for the knights. If you have no one like webber playing defense for your team they would never go anywhere.

Report! #6 12/26/2007 11:51 PM

-1         MrHighSchoolHockey

believe it or not the knights have played decent teams thus far. Lynnfield is a very solid team. There were even some rumblings over on masslive that Lynnfield could be super 8 bound. The knights manhandled them winning 6-1. CAL league is very strong and could send 7 teams to the state tourney. NA has gotten the train rollin after the slip up against triton and now they look to be a very strong team with sifferlen averaging a hat trick a game over the last 3 games. Amor is coming into his own and as usual Chris Webber anchors the D by playing hardhitting old school hockey.

Report! #7 12/27/2007 12:57 AM

0         hockeyfan08

A little suprised the Knghts are 4-1. The last two games the entire team has played well. As for webber he has played well, but if sifferlin goes down, the season is over. White also, needs to stay healthy. He has been playing well. If a few people don't step up and help sifferlin the season will be over as well. One player can not continue to dominate the way he has the first five games at this level of hockey. Other team will start to double and triple team him.

Report! #8 12/27/2007 07:14 AM

-1         NA30yrsofSportsandCounting

There are many unnecessary players on the hockey team (webber included) the knights cant afford to have sifferlan go down...this is why his weight and fragile-ness is a MAJOR concern that needs to be addressed

Report! #9 12/27/2007 10:55 PM

0         HockeyMoM91

Its sad to read that all you fans can talk about is 2 players..... There are more than these 2 players on the team who make the team and contribute.... Webber clearly does not carry the D lets be realistic if even for a minute.................

Report! #10 01/29/2008 04:24 PM

0         hockey1928

I think Mathew Guerera is just as valuable as Ryan Sifferlen and Webber

Report! #11 02/12/2008 08:10 PM

0         HockeyFan22

ok hockey mom if you dont think chris webber holds the defense together then you clearly have not seen them play. Webber is most likely the hardest hitting defensemen in the whole league and should in my opinion be recieving some excellent awards this year... possibly an MVP if he keeps up the way he is playing. There is one thing that is for sure when you watch the knights take the ice and it is that Chris Webber is the most reliable shut down defender in the leauge and will win you games with his defense

Report! #12 12/24/2008 12:39 AM