Gloucester Fishermen Cheerleading '07

Gloucester High School cheerleaders took turns doing backflips after each Gloucester score against Winthrop Friday evening at Newell Stadium. They did one backflip for each point in the game. » Mike Dean, Staff Photographer

Gloucester cheerleading team set for state meet

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Friday, November, 16 By Matt Langone
Sports editor

The Gloucester cheerleading team is approaching dynasty status, and its members will have their chance to get to that point this weekend.

The Fishermen will be looking for their third straight state cheerleading title when they compete Sunday at Shrewsbury High School starting at 10 a.m.

Gloucester will be competing in the C-ed Division (a team with one or more boys), which it won last winter and last fall. Overall, the team is seeking its ninth state title.

"We've been consistently scoring 80 or more points in our competitions," said Gloucester cheering coach Eric Bichao, who is in his 19th season with the Fishermen. "At the state championships, there are two sets of judges, so that would put us right at the 160 points needed to gain a national bid." The winners of each of the five divisions on Sunday will get an automatic bid to the national championships, and any team that scores at least 160 out of a possible 200 points will also go to the national meet, which will most likely be in Florida.

Bichao sees Methuen as potentially the biggest challenge for Gloucester on Sunday.

"Methuen has been a dominant team in the past," said Bichao. "But this is their first time competing in the Coed Division in quite some time, so we'll see."

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